Children should be seen and heard!

We spend the first few months of being a parent encouraging our little ones to speak, then we spend numerous years telling them to ‘be quiet’, shhhhhhhhh…….stop talking (we all do it let’s be honest).

Growing up in the 80’s children ‘were seen and not heard’… but it’s 2017 and there are kids running business’ and You Tube channels, let’s give them some voice.

I was always in trouble for getting distracted and talking too much….but isn’t this part of learning?

It all begins from the womb, I talked to both of my boys when they were in my tummy….talking to your child is essential whatever their age. Whether it’s about Power Rangers or new girlfriends it’s important to talk.

As a teacher it’s scary and sad to have worked with children that have no interests or opinions on many things in our daily lives.

With the general election approaching I’ve been thinking about politics in schools even more. If we want the future generation to vote they need to be Seen and Heard! They need a voice and they need an opinion. Do you think your child is taught enough about politics at school? Is it the schools job or ours as parents?

Children are our future; we must allow them to be creative, open and express themselves freely. Be open, have discussions and let your children form their own opinions (even if it’s not the same as ours. It’s amazing the things our children do and say so embrace it as they won’t be little for long and they will be voting before we know it. As well as teaching my own children I learn from them too.

This week we my students will be debating and writing manifestos for their schools.

Stay posted to see their great ideas.


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