Books and beyond…..


One of my students has recently been struggling to a find books they like to read. So it inspired me to blog and share some useful tips on how to engage your child and to get them to genuinely enjoy reading. Reading is essential in all subjects and will help with many other factors including, communicating skills, developing a wider vocabulary and also decreases stress.

Top tips to encouraging reading

  1. It doesn’t have to be a book! We think of reading and we automatically think books. Try newspapers (First News is great for young readers). Reading apps on the ipad are great to engage children. Reading eggs is a great way to introduce younger children to reading and is interactive and fun plus they have a FREE trial.
  2. Be a role model, if your kids see you regularly reading they will do the same. Our children might not always listen but they do absorb our behavior.
  3. Get your child to think of their favourite films, lots of books are now based on films. Your child will already be familiar with the story line so it will be a nice easy read.
  4. Visit your local library and make it a routine, even if it’s once a month. Your child will be sure to find a good read at the library and there are often activities on weekends and school holidays. Plus it’s a nice free day out.
  5. Set a reading a challenge – reward charts work for younger children and I know like many pre-teens my son is motivated by money so why not use what they like as an incentive to getting them reading.

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