The Light bulb moment

Whether it’s my own child or one of my pupils when they get that lightbulb moment I still get that fuzzy warm feeling, that absolute fulfilment and happiness that they ‘get it’.

What is a light bulb moment? My teaching experience of a light bulb moment has been my students saying ‘oh yes Miss I get it now, aha, I get it…. It’s like………..(comparing it to something else.

I’ve realised they hadn’t just ‘got it’ but they had linked it to some previous learning or experience…which is a really key part of teaching and learning.

After the often blood, sweat, tears, numerous late nights planning and marking….(and that’s just me not the kids)….it really is worth it to see a lightbulb moment.  Lightbulb moments are the real reward for teachers. They have been the absolute best parts of my teaching career and are one of the thing that kept me in the profession as let’s face it it’s not all stickers and school holidays.
Yesterday one of my students achieved something she’d been working towards for a while.
To you and I, it may have seemed trivial but to her it meant the world.  She had immediately took ownership of her learning and that was an amazing thing to see.
She was so excited to tell me her news  and I was absolutely over the moon. It wasn’t just because she had achieved but it was how it changed her behaviour and attitude. Her confidence had grown and her mind-set was positive…how amazing!
You’re never too old for that lightbulb moment – I recently had one and it felt great!
Witnessing the spark in our students is a fantastic experience.

Educators, parents……I’d love to hear about your experiences of lightbulb moments. Please share them with me.

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