The truth behind tutoring

So many people gasped at the fact my son had a tutor at 8 years old. As a private tutor people ask in despair, omg you have children as young as 6? Yes, I have taught children this young – and I’ve had queries from parents with even younger children. I’ve even heard people say it’s cruel, why would you need a tutor that young? What a shame? They are very bold statements, especially if you don’t know the child. There are many reasons why children have a tutor and it’s absolutely no ones place to judge or question a parents decision!

My son wanted to go to grammar school, I was a full time teacher at the time and although we always did a lot of educational work at home, I knew that he would prepare best for his entrance exam with a private tutor and I was right! My son was already flourishing at school but tuition gave him other skills and helped him to pass his entrance exam to grammar school.
My children love learning so why not encourage them to learn more and enable them to have the best education they can?!
People also have assumptions about the types of children that have tuition. Let’s be clear, not all tutored children are geeks with their head in a book 24/7 and are led by pushy parents. Many children that are tutored are naturally self-motivated, well rounded children that want to learn.


My top 5 benefits of tuition

  1. Builds confidence – even if a child is very able at school…. tutoring allows a child to become more motivated, learn more and thus boost their overall confidence.
  2.  Improves social skills – if your child is tutored in a small group setting they will meet other children and sometimes even make new friendship groups. They will be around children that aren’t always the same as those they go to school with, which enables them to develop lifelong communication and social skills.
  3. Creates independence and maturity – it allows children to make progress at their own pace, review their own learning and improve in the areas they need/want to.
  4.  Improves work ethic – it will increase and improve study habits.
  5.  Enables increased focus and goal setting – they can identify their own areas of focus and create a positive attitude to learning.


These are all great attributes to a child’s, growth, learning and attitude whatever their age.


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