5 top tips to help choose the correct school for your child 

With school application deadlines approaching I want to share some useful tips for selecting the right school for your child.

1. Don’t leave it till Year 6!! Many schools ope n days are in September or October each year but you don’t have to wait until then to start looking.
Many parents find themselves in a panic, stressed and with little time to make one of the most important decisions as a parent in your child’s life.
It’s never to early to plan where you want your child to go to school (primary or secondary).
Make a plan! Think about your child strengths and look at the schools in and out of your area.
Feel free to call and book an appointment to see a school yourself too at an alternative time throughout the year.

1. Visit many different schools. There are no limits to the number of schools you can visit.
This is where your child will spend at least the next 5 years so spend time carefully selecting the right school for your child. What’s best for their sibling, friend or a family member might not be best for yours.

2. Visit schools at different times. If you like a school during an open day – that’s great but remember schools have spent weeks ‘prepping’ their school for new parents. Be sure to visit at the end of the school day and definitely during a ‘normal school day’ to get a real feel for the school and the pupils.

3. Speak to the PUPILS as well as the teachers. They will give you a true reflection of the school. What does the school feel like? Are children engaged and learning? What’s your gut instinct about the school? Does the school have the right facilities and opportunities for YOUR child?

4. Find out the ‘destination data’ of your school. This will help identify the type of school and the types of children that attend the school. Where are the pupils of the school going when they leave the school. 6th form, University, employment etc. Is this on line with yours and your child’s aspirations?

5. Listen to the head teachers speech and ask plenty of questions. Ensure you and your child leave with plenty of information about the school so you can go and reflect and DISCUSS them with your child. Listen to their thoughts and opinions. Write down what you both want from a secondary school and this will help you to make your choices.

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