Becoming a grammar school mom

After just over a year of tuition (a hour round trip every Thursday to get him there for his 6-8pm lesson)  and prepping for the exam at home, my son passed his eleven plus exam.
It was two years ago that he sat the exam and that was just the beginning..
He sat the exam, we waited (the longest 5 weeks ever) he’d passed!
He made his choices for school – yes he made his choices! (within reason and parental guidance). After some dispute with his father (I was adamant that he had put the hard work in and he would spend the next at least 5 years there he should make the choice). Although he’d passed this didn’t guarantee a place at a grammar school.  We chose schools based on the best that suited his needs which I think is the most important factor.
More waiting for when he had his choices in March 2016. I was over the moon he’d got into his 4th choice it was an excellent grammar school. But it was far and I was worried about him getting a train there.
He was offered another place within the same week, his second choice, a school we’d visited twice and we both absolutely loved!
Malakie had decided he wanted to try to obtain a scholarship at 2 nearby independent schools. He sat the exams and did really well. He had an interview at one he really wanted to go to but didn’t get offered a place. He was devastated at the time but I assured him he would be successful wherever he went to school.
One year on and he’s had an absolutely amazing first year.
His achievements have been phenomenal.
His made the Rugby and cricket A teams.
Became captain  of the athletics team
He was voted by the majority of his class to become the house sports rep
He’s entered a debating competition
Joined numerous lunchtime clubs
Achieved 3 awards at the end of term for outstanding attendance, progress in French and German.
Just to add he doesn’t spend all day in his books, he’s a well rounded child….plays computer, meets friends, goes to the cinema and you tubes like most 13 year olds.

I promised when I gave up full time work and pursued my business I would dedicate a lot of time to my children’s school life and extra curricular activities so I became PA mom and parent governor. Volunteered at numerous events, been a rugby mom, cricket mom and general taxi service.
My sons school is an hour round trip (on a good day) so going to parents evening is a day trip in itself.
I don’t want a medal but I want to raise awareness of the dedication needed from parents as well as the children, this has just been the first year! This obviously applies to all schools but the commitment and expectation of a grammar school pupil is huge as they have had to put so much into just getting into a competitive school.
Passing the exam is just the beginning, I didn’t say goodbye to my son as he entered secondary school WE started a new chapter in our lives.

Success is not down to luck, it’s not always an easy or straightforward journey. It takes commitment, discipline and hard work.

Parental support is eight times more important in determining a child’s academic success than social class.

A quote taken from my sons news letter as he entered Year 8.

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