Encouraging your child to read

Reading is essential to learning whatever your age.

All reading is valuable whether it is fiction, non fiction or through technology.
From an early age I have loved reading although since having children and with a busy lifestyle my reading habits dwindled. My reading became limited to predominately holidays. Since starting my Masters last year I’ve realised how much time I actually have for reading when you prioritise it. This year I’ve challenging myself to read 52 books in 52 weeks so I’m looking forward to expanding my reading list and learning new things.

With my own children I have always encouraged reading, we have books in the home and we visit the library too.

Top tips for encouraging reading

1. Create a reading list

Try different authors and genres 
Here are some great classics I think all children should read.
Harry Potter and the philosophers stone
Great expectations
Goodnight Mr Tom

2. Set a reading challenge
Reward your child when they’ve completed it

3. Read different materials
Magazines, newspapers and informative booklets

4. Make reading fun

5. Encourage reading techniques such as reading the blurb

6. Reading together – to encourage reading start the book and read with the child. Get your child to read to you at bedtime.

7. Model reading and enjoy reading yourself so your children see you reading.

8. Read a book your child has read, children love discussing a book they’ve enjoyed, especially with a parent.

9. Electronic reading, reading via apps, audible, kindle and other educational sites such as Reading Eggs. It doesn’t matter how you read as long as your child enjoys it.

10. Find reading events for your children. Authors often

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