Parental support

Parental support is so important in your child’s achievement. Whether they are doing gymnastics, football or preparing for the 11+ exam.
Home learning and pupil independence is extremely important for the preparation of any exam, the transition into secondary school and educational success. It is extremely important for children to start reading good quality books with an adult and identify new words and answer questions related to the text.
Reading and spelling will increase your child’s vocabulary. Encourage your child to practice using these in context (writing sentences and conversation).
The English section of the exam is largely vocabulary based and having a wide vocabulary helps children tackle most verbal reasoning questions effectively.
Within maths ensure your child is confident in the following:
– times tables up to at least 12
– square numbers to at least 12 squared
– basic percentage, fraction and decimal equivalents half=0.5=50%
Set your child personal targets and individual goals for your child based on their strengths and areas for development.
This will help your child to progress at school and help to prepare them for the 11+ exam.
Ensure your child is learning everyday. It doesn’t have to be a test on a table, learning can take place in many forms.
Try apps on phones and iPads, practice maths through board games and card games. There are many fun learning work books that encourage children to work at home and help children to improve independence and develop a regular learning habit.

Just to recap
Reading – make reading an every day habit.
Comprehension- ensure your child understands what they read including the vocabulary used.
Timed tasks – activity books will help test your child from as little as 10 minute sessions. The exam will include many questions to practice in a short time, so speed and accuracy is really important.
Mental maths – mental maths can be done anywhere, in the car, on the train etc.
Study timetable – you and your child can create a timetable to keep track of their learning

Useful websites

Useful book brands providing 11+ practice material.


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