Eleven plus top tips

If your child is in Year 5 then you have approximately 6 months to get them ready for the exam.
If you have a tutor that’s great, but it isn’t enough. A tutor is just one route to success. Home learning and parental support are imperative to your child’s success. Preparing at home using books will support your child.
Here are a few things that will support your child in passing the exam and prepare for grammar school.

1. Practice – there are many books on the market with practice materials that support the English/Maths curriculum and are ideal for supporting your child before the exam. Many have timed practice from 10 minutes. These are perfect for home study, encouraging independence and very easy for parents to monitor each day.
2. Planning – make a plan and stick to it. If your child has a clear structure it will become habit. In addition to preparing for the entrance exam they will also be prepared for the grammar school expectations and workload. A little bit every day will help your child retain what they have learnt.
3. Develop a wide vocabulary – spellings, a wide vocabulary and good comprehension skills are essential. Reading a wide range of genres, crosswords and word searches will develop these skills.
4. Time tables – these need to be solid. Practice them and ensure your child is as confident with harder times tables as they are the easier ones.
5. Is grammar school right for YOUR child? Remember selective schools are not for everyone. Think about the distance to school and how this will fit in with family life and your child’s extra curricular activities.

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