Dealing with anxiety and exams

It’s normal to feel some anxiety before any big event including exams.
As we approach the exam period it seems that every year parents and schools are still tackling anxiety and stress caused by exams.

Whether it’s SATs, GCSEs or A levels here are a few tips to support your child throughout the exam period.
1. Reassurance and positivity from parents is essential. Often it’s parents anxieties that are absorbed by their children. Reassure your child that everything is okay during this time.
2. Use rewards and take time out from study. Children can often become isolated at this time, encourage them to meet up with friends and maintain a social balance as well as revision time.
3. Get children to create a timetable, which includes downtime, treats and fun in addition to study time. Help them with this too, this will show your interested and supporting them during this time.
4. During the exam period, continue to have communication with school and your child. If you’re worried speak to your child and school. If you’re not, continue to stay in touch and find out about additional support available for your child and you as a parent.
5. It’s imperative to all productivity and focus that your child eats and sleeps well. A balanced diet and plenty of sleep is essential for your child’s health to ensure good focus and concentration.

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