The homework debate

Benefits of homework 

With lots of discussion this week around the subject of homework and it’s benefits we thought we’d discuss the benefits our students have had from participating in homework. 

Homework doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s a great way to extend the learning from the classroom. 

Some benefits of homework include: 

  1. Independent learning – giving children the responsibility of completing their own work and meeting deadlines. 
  2. Project based homework is a great way to collaborate learning with your child and learn lots of new things too. 
  3. It gives pupils more time to review learning they have started in class and spend more time practicing additional skills. 
  4. It gives parents a chance to see what their child is learning and support their child additionally at home if they wish too. 
  5. It teaches students about time management and how to prioritise  their work. 
  6. It also teaches the importance of organisation and planning skills 
  7. Homework helps students take responsibility of their learning. 
  8. It’s can also a good communication link between parent and teacher.  
  9. It provides additional learning time for children. 
  10. It can improve retention and understanding of new topics. 

Andrea Walters

Succeed Tutoring Services

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